What is the cost of a summer school course?

We offer two options for our summer school students. Our 45 hour retake courses for students who have already taken the course are $565.00 Our complete 60 hour courses for students who have never taken the course before are $700.

Our team can help you find the right formula for your needs!
Contact us at 1 877 988-8672.

When does summer school start?

Summer courses begin on July 4th and run to the 28th of July 2023. Please see our schedule for the exact start and end dates for the course you are interested in.

  • Online classes
    • July 4th 2023 to 21st of July 2023 (secondary 1 to 3 ; 45 hour course)
    • July 11th 2023 au 28th of July 2023 (secondary 4 and 5, 45 hour course)
    • July 4th 2023 au 28th of July 2023 (secondary 4 and 5; 60 hour course)
  • Individual revision sessions
    • To come

For all questions regarding the summer school schedule, contact us.

When can I sign up for summer courses?

Sign ups for our summer courses are now open right now !

How can I sign up my child for summer courses?

Follow the steps below :

  1. Have your child's permanent code, most recent report card and intervention plan, if applicable;
  2. Consult the course offer corresponding to your child's situation (level, subject) and make a selection;
  3. Add the course(s) you have chosen, making sure to avoid any scheduling conflicts;
  4. Be sure to complete the registration form before sending it in;
  5. Pay the registration fee using a valid payment method;
Please note that your place will be reserved once the fees have been paid.

If you encounter any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us at 1 877 988-8672.

How are our summer courses organized?

School Success Academy offers various formulas :

  • Online group courses of 45 or 60 hours in length;
  • Individual online review sessions, in blocks of 10 or 20 hours;
  • Learning support blocks for students enrolled in group courses, lasting 6 hours and renewable.
Contact-us. Our team can help you find the right formula for you!

Where do our classes take place?

Our summer courses are held entirely online.
Whether you choose a group summer course or an individual tutoring sessions, your child will be able to take the entire summer course, even the assessments, from the comfort of your home or even on vacation.

Attention: Provincial exams are conducted in person at one of our seven points of service located across the province. Check the details of the course you are interested in (secondary 4 and 5) to see if a provincial exam is part of the final evaluations.

What courses are offered during summer school?

School Success offer online summer group courses for students in grades 6 to secondary 5:

Please note, however, that packages may vary. Contact us, our team can help you evaluate the options available to you.

What courses are required to acquire a secondary school diploma?

The following is a list of required courses that are departmentally sanctioned. Students will need to take a number of courses in addition to those listed below to earn sufficient units

What is the schedule for the retake of the Ministry's exams?

The resumption of departmental exams usually takes place in the last week of July or the first week of August depending on the calendar.

Please note that departmental evaluations must be held in person and are scheduled on a fixed date. We have approximately 8 locations across the province to serve you better. You will be able to select the location of your choice when you register.

Is School Success Academy an accredited school by the Ministry?

Absolutely! School Success Academy is a non-subsidized private educational institution that holds a teaching permit issued by the Quebec Ministry of Education. We have been welcoming students from different schools in Quebec since 2015.

What other services are offered?

In addition to the summer school, School Success offers you:

Do you have questions about these services? We have the answers! Contact us to learn more.

How will my child's school be notified of his/her summer school results?

Each student will receive a summer progress report as well as a final report card with comments detailing the learning progress achieved over the summer.

If your child attends one of our eighty partner schools, the principal will automatically have access to all the results. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to forward the documentation we provide to the principal of your child's school.


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